Voluntary Employee Benefits

Voluntary Employee Benefits Available:

Universal Life

Term Life

Critical Illness

Disability Income

Short Term Disability

Voluntary Group Dental

Cancer Policy

Supplemental Hospital Indemnity Plan

Four Major Life Documents

Identity Theft Protection








In today’s world with every benefit becoming more and more expensive for the employer, companies are looking for alternative ways to help their employees find the right solutions for their insurance needs. Voluntary Employee Benefits are a great way to improve your company’s benefit package without decreasing your company’s bottom line.

How does a Voluntary Employee Benefit work?
The employer decides exactly which benefits will be made available through Royal Oak Benefits & Investments. Through group meetings and one-on-one counseling, Royal Oak educates your employees about the benefits and helps them identify whether or not there is a need. In the event the employee decides to take advantage of the benefit, premiums will be deducted through their payroll and at no cost to the employer.

What are the benefits for the employee?
- Ability to purchase an individual policy with group characteristics 
- Group Insurance tends to be less expensive
- Modified Guaranteed Underwriting Policy’s not available outside of group environment 
- Availability for spousal coverage as well as children 
- In the event an employee leaves your company the policy is completely portable at no increase in premium or change in policy 
- Benefits are paid through the ease of payroll deductions

How your company benefits
Your employees are one of your company’s most valuable assets. Making sure that you are providing them with all the tools they need in order to protect themselves as well as their family promotes a very positive working environment. This enhancement to your benefit offerings goes a long way in helping to ensure their loyalty to your company.
"Voluntary" Employee Benefits
Royal Oak "Voluntary" Employee Benefits features a “unique product” that you and your employees will want to own. It is a “voluntary” product, so it won’t cost the Employer any "hard" dollars.