Enrollment Process

Enrollment is one of the most critical steps in the benefit process. At Royal Oak we have the most innovative enrollment capabilities available today. Our goal is to provide your employees with the education necessary to make informed decisions without interrupting the flow of their workday.

Group Enrollment Meetings
Allows us to educate groups of employees about the benefits being offered, keeping time spent during the one-on-one enrollment to a minimum.

Case Management
Internet-based case implementation- Offers immediate access to case data, providing detailed case planning and tracking information from the initial case setup to the first premium payment.

Consolidated, Internet Billing 
A technologically advanced, consolidated billing system specifically designed with the flexibility to handle payroll-deducted employee benefits.

  • Multiple products can be combined from multiple insurance carriers in one or more payroll deduction slot
  • Internet access/capability for payment processing and inquiry information for both the employer and Royal Oak